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Trusted, Fun, Intelligent HR Consulting

We can save you time, provide support and give you peace of mind. Whether working with a business owner, a Human Resources department or anyone in between, People Rock HR Services will become a strategic, trusted partner to you and your business. We provide Human Resources education, tools and support so you can get back to the things you are passionate about in your business.

It is critical that every business review practices, realign, implement and stay current with employment regulations. In today’s ever-changing employment landscape, it is more important than ever to have someone on your side.

With stellar customer service and powerful Human Resource knowledge, People Rock HR Services is an easy choice for your Human Resource needs!

Safety Services

  • Cal/OSHA Compliance Documents and Training
  • Onsite Inspections
  • Safety Training Onsite, Computer or Mobile Device
  • Software for Training Monitoring and Document Access
  • Cal/OSHA Defense Consultation

Strategic HR

For Business Growth

Human Resources is necessary for the overall business strategy and strategic growth. We offer Human Resource services for achieving your business goals, whether your business is in a start-up, growth or stable phase.

Responsive HR

On-Demand Support

We offer on-demand responsive Human Resource Support. You can trust our team for partnered Human Resource demands. People Rock HR offers real-time consultation for real time employee management.

Experience to Back your Business

Customized and Intelligent HR Consulting

With over 50 years of HR experience, we realize there can be some pain points in managing employees, and following employment regulations is not why people get into business (except us of course).

Our goal as an HR Consulting firm is to make human resources as easy as possible for our clients and even have some fun! We build trusted relationships with our clients and become a key part of the success and evolution of their businesses. Whether discussing overtime calculations, strategies for the next phase of the business lifecycle, or anything between, we will be your trusted business partner!

Our services are customized to your needs and where you are in the business life cycle. Our service fees are structured so you don’t have to worry about incurring additional expenses each time you have a question or need. We want you to contact us as soon as you recognize the need for human resource guidance. We are your partner!

Together, we can do more.

We offer tailored solutions designed to help you and your company succeed.

Let’s Establish a Foundation

We apply best-fit methods to streamline business

Every business needs a solid Human Resource foundation. People Rock HR Services recognizes that for many employers, the functions of Human Resources are often too complex and burdensome to maintain in-house. We offer a range of service options allowing the best fit for your company vision and need.

By providing reliable and understandable advice and guidance, we empower our clients to focus on other priorities as much as possible. We often work with those who have been tasked with HR out of practicality, not necessarily a desire to perform the HR functions. Our typical contacts are; business owners, controllers, office managers, administrative support positions, and front-line managers.

Whether there are one or hundreds of employees, there are a variety of requirements and HR practices which can impact your staff day to day, especially in California. As your trusted HR partner, People Rock HR Services works with each client to understand current practices, what works and what doesn’t, and align with what is required. People Rock HR Services works with clients to strategize, develop, and deliver HR practices and policies to allow for effective management, top-performing employees, and creating an attractive company culture.

Partnering with People Rock HR Services allows employers to leverage human resource expertise with practical application. Consulting businesses is what we do, we have insight into what is common, what works and what does not. With over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, we have a passion for Human Resources so you don’t have to.

Find out how People Rock HR can help you.

Every business has unique needs. Working together we’ll find the right solution to achieve your goals — and fit your budget.