Human Resource Evaluation

Human Resource Evaluation

Trusted, Fun, Intelligent HR Consulting

We give the company insight. Whether there is a Human Resource department or just someone wearing the trusted HR hat, we can come to your office and complete an evaluation to give some clarity to HR practices, identify areas needing correction and affirm areas which are solid. We can then partner to make corrections where necessary and continue to build a solid, reliable HR foundation within the company.

The ability of People Rock HR Services to provide a neutral set of eyes can be of great benefit. We are here to make your company look good, be compliant and support the desired company culture. Let’s face it; none of us know what we don’t know so let us partner with you to review and evaluate HR practices to be sure you are where you want to be.

Common errors we find during evaluations are; incomplete form I-9’s, missing documents in the new hire and exit packages, incorrect time keeping methods, employee file maintenance concerns and outdated employee handbook policies.
We are not the HR police, but we do want to be your HR partner!

We are Problem Solvers by Nature
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