Mandatory Sick Time

Mandatory Sick Time

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Every employer in California must offer Paid Sick Leave. Sounds simple enough, but there are several considerations which must be defined and ideally placed into policy. In addition, Managers should be trained to understand the protections of Paid Sick Leave.

Employers can frontload or accrue sick leave, but each have different cap and roll over requirements and Paid Sick Leave can be used for various family members. Paid Sick Leave hours must be provided upon hire, but there can be up to a 90 day wait for usage. Employees get to determine how much Paid Sick Leave they want to use when they are absent. Think PTO will solve the problem, same rules apply and can be more complex as employees must have at least 24 hours of Paid Sick Leave by the 120th day of employment, many PTO policies do not accrue at a rate which will satisfy these requirements.

People Rock HR Services will review options and based on your workforce help determine the best route for your business and put it into policy for consistent administration.

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