CA Businesses and Employers Playbook During COVID-19

COVID19.CA.GOV California Employers and Businesses Playbook: Assistance, Policies & Resources

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the California and federal government are offering assistance to businesses and employers affected by the pandemic.

These assistance programs include: 

  • Interest-Free Deferral of Sales Tax
  • 90-Day Extension of Business Filing
  • Small Business Disaster Relief Loan Guarantee Program
  • Small Business Debt Relief

Employer Policies & Resources

To ensure a safe reopening for staff and customers, refer to the Employer Playbook for Safe Reopening for how to plan and prepare accordingly. While reopening is underway, it is important for employees to understand their employer must honor sick leave policies, whether that’s due to COVID-19 sick leave or workers’ comp.

The Employer Playbook, policies, industry guidance and additional resources can be found on the website, along with further details on guidance for California employers regarding COVID-19.

Elmore HR Consulting is Here To Help Employers Navigate Their Business During COVID-19

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