The Final Countdown, Are You Prepared?

The Federal Final Rule On Overtime: Is Your Sacramento Business Prepared?

The Federal Final Rule On Overtime: Is Your Sacramento Business Prepared?

The Federal Final Rule on overtime is effective December 1, 2016, are you ready? If you are not sure, stop reading and contact Elmore HR Consulting now! There is not much time left.

The Federal Final Rule requires a new wage base for any position in the nation to be classified as exempt. Historically, California regulations have exceeded such wage base, but this will not be the case as of December 1. The wage base the Final Rule mandates is $913.00 per week equating to $47,476.00 per year.

All positions in all states must be evaluated against the new federal rule AND state requirements. As with most employment regulations, employers must comply with the law or component(s) of the law which is most advantageous to the employee.

For example; in California, we will need to be certain that for all exempt positions the Federal minimum salary is met as it is higher than the twice minimum wage rule in California; however, the California exempt duties test must be satisfied as it is more stringent than the federal duties test.

To party or not to party?

It is that time of year, holidays, vacations, good cheer, possibly time to host a company holiday event. Unfortunately, employer liability and sexual harassment complaints often accompany such parties.

Tips To Prepare For Federal Overtime Rule:

  1. Call it a holiday party or an annual event: Avoid religious themes or names as they may make some employees uncomfortable and may come back to haunt you in a discrimination claim.
  2. Avoid or limit access to alcohol: Whether an employee or someone else becomes injured as a result of your providing alcohol, if it can be tied back to the employer, guess who can be liable. Have a way to track drink intake such as tickets, managers should watch for intoxicated individuals and offer free taxi rides home to the staff.
  3. Make it voluntary: Don’t require staff to attend, if it is required it may be payable time. Not to mention requiring attendance can void out the goal of boosting morale. Inviting spouses include friends: If your party includes spouses, don’t forget about the singles. Use language such as; employee and a guest.
  4. Communicate with Staff: Let them know it is a work-related function and they should be mindful of such and actions occurring at the event will follow them.
  5. What do they really want? Ask your staff what they want. Employers are often surprised to discover that the company’s function is not as well-received as intended. Ask your employees what they desire; party, dinner with spouses, half-day off with pay, gift card, or money. You may be surprised at the response.

Overall, the holidays are for celebrations. In the employment arena, especially in California, it is important to remember, even at the party you can still be responsible for employee actions. Don’t let your Friday party turn in to a Monday investigation.

Ties and Professional Wear Needed

The Folsom Cordova Community Partnership provides employment resources to individuals and families in the Rancho Cordova, Folsom and surrounding areas of Sacramento County. As a board member, I hear the positive impact this program has on our community. They are in need of professional clothing for their program, especially men’s wear and ties. If you have something to donate, I would be happy to pick it up.

Human Resources Reminders

If any insurance premium deductions will change, be certain to have employees sign a new deduction authorization form to allow deductions from payroll.

ACA reporting forms 1095-B and 1095-C are due to employees by January 31, 2017, for employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees.

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