It Has Arrived! Updated Form I-9

Updated 1-9 Form (2020) For California Businesses and Employers in Sacramento, CA

It is here…be sure to swap out the Form I-9 included in your new hire packet to the most current version!

If you or anyone on your team will be completing the Form I-9 on behalf of the company and need a refresher training, reach out to your HR Ninja!

Friendly Reminders For Employers:

  • An employer cannot tell the employee which documents to provide for completing
    the Form I-9 (other than to provide the list of acceptable documents)
  • Section 1 must be completed by the employee on day 1 of employment
  • Section 2 must be completed by the employer within the first 3 days of employment
  • I-9 forms should be retained separately from all other employment records (in a
    separate binder of file)
  • Form I-9 must be completed in English
  • When an employee becomes terminated, the Form I-9 must be retained for 3 years
    from the date of hire or 1-year past termination, whichever is longer

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