5 Simple Tips For a Successful Company Event in Sacramento

5 Simple Tips For a Safe, Successful Company Event in Sacramento, CA

5 Simple Tips For a Safe, Successful Company Event in Sacramento, CA

Here are some simple last-minute tips for a successful event that does not result in a call to your friendly HR Ninja!  But we are here if you need us!

#1. Take An Uber

Safety first!  UBER offers UBER events.  You can issue staff a code to use in the UBER app for safe rides to and from the event, paid by the company.  Check it out hereThis may be our favorite tip of all.

#2. Remind Staff Of Company Policy & Conduct

Include language in the invitation or reminder message that it is a company event and it is expected that policies will be followed and conduct will be respectful.

#3. Don’t Discriminate. Include Everyone!

Include everyone.  Avoid language such as “spouse” – use the phrase “+1” for everyone instead.

#4. Monitor Alcohol Distribution

Are you offering alcohol?  Nice touch, but consider handing out drink tickets to monitor the distribution. You may also include in the invite that good judgment and self-accountability are required.

#5. Do a Themed Event!

Uggghhh… what to wear!  Forget the boring formal attire and make it a themed event; onesies for all, crazy hair, holiday mask, holiday sweaters, crazy socks or holiday movie characters – we all have an inner Buddy The Elf.  We just ask that you send us pictures!

Remember, it should be voluntary if taking place after hours.  If attendance is mandatory, you’ll need to be sure to record hours for payment of non-exempt staff.

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