Paid Sick Leave Reminders

Paid Sick Leave Reminders For Employers in Sacramento, CA

Paid Sick Leave Reminders For Employers in Sacramento, CA

All employees in the Greater Sacramento area, including Folsom, CA, must receive 24 hours or 3 days – or whichever is greater.

May be used for one of the following circumstances:

  • an employee’s self or a family member for the diagnosis;
  • care or treatment of an existing health condition or preventive care;
  • or specified purposes for an employee who is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

This paid sick time leave is protected when paid sick leave is available and elected for use, without consequence or retaliation.

As an employer developing a paid sick leave policy, you must not:

  • Require a doctor’s note;
  • Require them to find their own replacement worker;
  • Deny their right to use the time;
  • Apply any consequence

If an employee has 3 consecutive days of absence or mentions a serious medical condition, there may be a need for leave considerations.

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