CAL/OSHA ETS Update – HR Consulting

Cal/OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standards* (ETS) Have Been Revised and Are Effective Immediately.

This revision includes the following changes, which may cause slight cheer or celebration:

  • Employers no longer have to monitor COVID-testing for individuals to meet the return-to-work criteria. An acceptable test may be self-administered and self-read *if* a photo or other verification is provided (i.e. time-stamped).
  • An acceptable face covering is no longer defined with the requirement that “no light shall pass through when held up to a light source”.
  • Aligned with CDPH, removed the requirement for face coverings to be worn indoors, regardless of vaccination status.
    For employees returning to work following a positive case or close contact, the face-covering must be worn for the balance of 10 days from the first day of symptoms, positive test, or close contact.
     Of course, any employee may voluntarily wear face coverings – unless it creates a safety hazard.
  • Returned Case is a new term added to the ETS to refer to individuals who were previously infected with COVID-19 and have since remained symptom-free since their return. This status is applicable for 90 days following their onset of symptoms or positive test.
  • The definition of fully vaccinated has been removed from the ETS.
  • Adopted the revised CDPH Quarantine & Isolation guidance:
    Asymptomatic close contacts, as well as returned cases, do not need to be excluded from work; must test within day 3-5 from the date of exposure.

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