SB 778: Sexual Harassment Prevent Training Deadline Extended

SB 778: Sexual Harassment Prevent Training Deadline Extended For Employers in Sacramento, CA

On August 30th, it was announced that Governor Newsom signed SB 778 which extends the current deadline for sexual harassment prevention training (under SB 1343) from January 1, 2020, to January 1, 2021.

If you have already provided the training to your staff in 2019, there’s good news! You won’t have to provide refresher training until 2021.

Still, Make Sure To Schedule Sexual Harassment Training!

We still encourage you to schedule or coordinate the training for your employees, for online or onsite sooner rather than later. While you no longer need to fret overfitting it into this year’s schedule to meet the deadline, the training still serves a purpose in creating awareness of the subject and emphasis on the Company’s mission to create a healthy workplace free of harassment.

To access the full Bill, click here.

Requirements remain the same:

  • All businesses in California with 5 or more employees must provide Harassment
    Prevention training to all Supervisors and Staff.
  • Anyone in a Supervisory position must receive 2 hours of training, and all Staff
    must receive 1 hour of training.
  • You must provide the training to any employee who is newly hired or promoted
    to a Supervisory position within 6 months of taking their position, and every
    two years thereafter.
  • Temporary staff must receive the training within their first 100 hours or 30 days,
    whichever is sooner.

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