Sexual Harassment Prevention Checklist

Sexual Harassment Prevention Checklist For Employers in Sacramento, CA

Sexual Harassment Prevention Checklist For Employers in Sacramento, CA

We can’t seem to escape the daily headline of another claim of Sexual Harassment. One constant in the stories being reported is that the harassment seems to have been going on for quite some time and in several cases, the harassment was reported and management did nothing or very little.

As we know, harassment is not limited to the media or large organizations.  Each employer has a duty to communicate and enforce a Harassment Policy, such is required when there are 5 or more employees in California.

Harassment Prevention Checklist

  • Develop an effective policy, a policy is mandated in California
  • Communicate the policy regularly (annual distribution suggested)
  • Train managers, even if less than 50 employees
  • Train all employees
  • Immediately stop and address any harassing or discriminatory behavior or actions whether reported, observed or otherwise made aware (don’t forget to document)
  • Enforce the policy, remember that your practice becomes your policy, enforcement is critical
  • Demonstrate, create and encourage a professional, respectful and considerate work environment

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