Keep talking about COVID-19 and Safety

We’ve emerged from the COVID-Emergency era, but training and other requirements will be here to stay.

As you might recall, the Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) provided detailed training requirements. Now that we are to implement the Non-Emergency Regulations, there are no training topics specified. At this time, employers are required to provide training and information to employees regarding COVID-19 in accordance with the Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

“So what exactly am I expected to do?”

Applicable regulations require employers to provide training and instruction:

(A) When the program (IIPP) is first established;
(B) To all new employees;
(C) To all employees given new job assignments for which training has not previously been received;
(D) Whenever new substances, processes, procedures or equipment are introduced to the workplace and represent a new hazard;
(E) Whenever the employer is made aware of a new or previously unrecognized hazard; and,
(F) For supervisors to familiarize themselves with the safety and health hazards to which employees under their immediate direction and control may be exposed.

“Is it possible to maintain my current COVID training and remain compliant?”

Yes. The key is training employees on the importance of not coming to work when sick or exhibiting signs and symptoms of the virus.

And, as we always say in HR, you must document it. Always document your training topic, date, name of trainer, and list of employees in attendance.