Employer Hiring Process: Finding an Employee Is Not Easy!

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Employer Hiring Process: Finding an Employee in Sacramento, CA, Isn’t As Easy As Finding a Pokemon!

As some are using incense to lure Pokémon and getting active to incubate the perfect character, we can only wish it was so easy to lure and incubate the ideal candidates to fill open positions. Often jobs are posted to the same job board, same recruiting firms are engaged and we continue with our fingers crossed that a superhero employee will somehow find us. Sometimes these repeat methods may work, but it may be time to engage in some new methods for hunting employees to see what characters you can find:

  • Internal referrals ~ No one knows your company better than your staff. Post the job internally and/or email out the advertisement or job description. How about a referral bonus or gift card if their referral is hired? This will cost you less than a headhunter, advertisement or some online job postings.
  • Colleges and Trade Schools ~ Even if you are looking for a grad, active students may know someone and mention your job posting. Career centers are helpful for continued job resources and if nothing else, this creates name recognition for your company, many surveys show name recognition is a big player in job searches.
  • Associations or Societies to which you belong ~ Most all professions have some sort of association or society specific to the field and many have an online and/or print job board, often with discounts for members. Movie
  • Theater Advertising ~ If you offer a B2C product or service this is great marketing and recruiting option.You can purchase advertising before the movie. You have seen it before, maybe it is time to try it.

Social Media ~ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, you know ‘em? Someone is tired of searching for Pokémon and wants to search for a job, see if you can find them.

Think outside the box, but don’t settle.  Remember, behavior based interviewing is critical, you can train skills but you can’t train behavior.

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