Updated Sexual Harassment Brochure

Attention Sacramento Employers: Updated Sexual Harassment Brochure - Elmore HR Consulting in Sacramento, CA and Folsom, CA

Attention Sacramento Employers: Updated Sexual Harassment Brochure

The DFEH has released an updated sexual harassment brochure. As a reminder, this or a document including the same language must be included in every new hire package. You can find the updated brochure in the New Hire Package on the Elmore HR Client Area page.

Updated Wage Orders:

Every employer in California must have their applicable wage order(s) posted in the workplace. Most of the wage orders have been updated to reflect the latest minimum wage rates. You can find the wage orders for printing here, in the link under reminders on the Elmore HR Client Area page or ask and we can send one over via email.

One Day of Rest in 7:

The California Supreme court has clarified the “day of rest” requirements. If your business is open or otherwise has staff working 7 days a week we should review the latest ruling together to ensure understanding of the requirement to provide “one day’s rest therefrom in seven”.

What is Regular Rate of Pay?

Sounds simple enough, but just as in many other areas of employment requirements, when not clearly understood this can become a painful lesson to learn.

The regular rate of pay is not just a non-exempt employees’ hourly rate. The regular rate of pay includes various earnings such as hourly rate, commission and non-discretionary bonuses. This is important because overtime is base on the regular rate of pay.

Additional Earnings For Non-Exempt Employees

Therefore, when non-exempt employees have earnings in addition to their hourly rate, it is important to evaluate and ensure proper calculation of the regular rate of pay and calculate any overtime properly. The above is for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal advice. What if there are two different rates of pay? If there are two different rates of pay, such as a production rate and a driving rate, then there must be a weighted average calculation to ensure the proper overtime premium is applied.

Overtime IS NOT simply paid at the rate during which overtime occurs. *possible exception for prevailing wage rates It is warming up Once a temperature of 80 degrees is reached, certain industries must communicate and apply Heat Illness Prevention measures. If this applies to your business, be sure to revisit and retrain the staff. You can find the requirements here and a program should be defined in your Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).

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